The Truth About Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn Actor

The Reality Behind Jonathan Lawson: Colonial Penn Actor

September 27, 20235 min read

If you were questioning the authenticity of Jonathan Lawson's enthusiastic endorsements for the Colonial Penn 995 plan, you were right to be skeptical. His testimonials are paid endorsements.

Chances are you've come across the Colonial Penn commercials featuring Jonathan Lawson. They're hard to miss, especially if you're a senior exploring life insurance options.

When considering burial insurance, it's crucial to focus on reputable insurance companies and not be swayed by Jonathan Lawson's persuasive presence.

In this article, we'll address an important topic that senior consumers need to be aware of and how Colonial Penn commercials may influence decision-making.

As someone who discusses Colonial Penn whole life insurance options with numerous seniors each month, I can be candid.

We don't endorse this product. In fact, we strongly advise against it. Let me explain why.

So, grab a seat, pay attention, and we'll guide you on how to potentially save hundreds of dollars.

The Truth About Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn Actor

How Much Does Colonial Penn Pay Jonathan Lawson?

You've probably seen actor Jonathan Lawson in Colonial Penn ads endorsing the $9.95 plan.

Similar to Alex Trebek, he's a spokesperson for Colonial Penn's TV commercials.

However, it's important to note that this plan comes with a two-year waiting period and guaranteed acceptance. These guaranteed acceptance plans typically cost 30 to 50 percent more than better options.

It's advisable to purchase life insurance from an insurer that offers level death benefits and immediate coverage, which Colonial Penn doesn't provide.

In reality, other insurance companies offer significantly better funeral insurance packages with no waiting periods.

While you may need to answer a few health-related questions, you won't be limited by a restrictive plan structure in terms of coverage amount.

Does Jonathan Lawson truly work for Colonial Penn?

Yes, Jonathan Lawson is employed by Colonial Penn's parent company, CNO Financial Group. According to online records, he earns approximately $400,000 from Colonial Penn.

What is Jonathan Lawson's net worth from Colonial Penn?

Once again, Colonial Penn Commercials compensates Jonathan Lawson for his role as a spokesperson. However, he also holds the position of Director of Quality Assurance & Escalations at CNO Financial Group.

What is Jonathan Lawson's net worth from Colonial Penn?

Jonathan Lawson is associated with CNO Financial Group, the parent company of Colonial Penn. As per online reports, his net worth falls between $15 and $17 million.

Additionally, Mr. Lawson has a commendable service history, having served in the United States Marine Corps for 14 years. During his tenure, he fulfilled roles in combat and as a master instructor.

We extend our gratitude for your service to our nation, Mr. Lawson.

The Truth About Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn Actor

How old is Jonathan Lawson, the Colonial Penn Spokesman?

Jonathan Lawson was born on June 3, 1980, in Dunedin, Florida, making him currently forty-two years old. He pursued his education at Pierce College, earning a BBA after graduating from high school at the age of 18.

During his tenure spanning more than eight years at Colonial Penn, he has served in various roles, including manager of customer service and manager of telesales. Throughout this time, he has consistently promoted Colonial Penn life insurance as the premier plan and coverage option.

Considering Colonial Penn's higher premiums compared to leading providers and the two-year waiting period before policy payout, one may question whether it truly offers a favorable deal, especially for individuals in good health.

Who is Jonathan Lawson's wife at Colonial Penn?

Unfortunately, there is limited information available online regarding Jonathan Lawson's marital status. His LinkedIn profile provides minimal details, primarily focusing on his service in the Marine Corps and his dedication to national service.

While advocating for products like Colonial Penn, having a more personable demeanor could potentially enhance his appeal, especially in the realm of senior life insurance and burial insurance.

Colonial Penn Commercials: An Overview of Advertising Practices

It's challenging to take paid spokespersons seriously when their endorsements come with compensation. Despite the spotlight on Colonial Penn's $9.95 per unit, understanding its true nature reveals it doesn't sell itself.

The lack of comprehensive health coverage, ambiguous unit costs, and restricted coverage options raise concerns.

Contrary to claims, automatic eligibility for seniors without any questions asked is not accurate. Numerous excellent alternatives are available for individuals of all genders.

Their commercials emphasize costs and benefits, which may not align with the needs of older residents.

Jonathan Lawson suggests that Colonial Penn life insurance policies offer no assistance to seniors during the initial two years.

Moreover, for individuals in good health, the coverage and premiums may be prohibitively expensive.

This advertising approach bears resemblance to that of Globe Life Insurance Savings Group!


Jonathan Lawson and the Three P's

In Colonial Penn TV ads, Jonathan Lawson consistently emphasizes the three Ps: Price, Price, and Price.

However, what they don't mention is age or how the coverage of the unit declines with advancing age.

He discusses affordable prices, price stability, and budget-friendly options. But can a senior's budget truly support $9.95?

Thanks to such misleading commercials and advertisements, seniors and potential customers, regardless of gender, can find far superior insurance coverage with other reputable companies.

Colonial Penn Clients Complaints

Moreover, customers lodge complaints about this product three to four times more frequently than they do about typical life insurance firms in the market, largely due to deceptive television commercials featuring hired spokespeople like Jonathan Lawson and, previously, Alex Trebek.

How to Lodge a Complaint Against Colonial Penn

The Better Business Bureau has received the bulk of complaints about life insurance, giving Colonial Penn a dismal rating of 1.23/5. A quick Google search will yield numerous articles detailing these grievances.

The complaints mostly stem from poor customer service, unauthorized account charges, failure to provide accurate death benefits to grieving families due to incorrect units, and other related issues.

Here's a glimpse into Colonial Penn's insurance coverage.


If you're seeking reliable life insurance coverage, steer clear of Colonial Penn. While they generously compensate their representatives to tout their supposedly excellent coverage, the reality falls short.

Commercials featuring Jonathan Lawson for Colonial Penn are costly, and your choices are limited.

If you're seeking adequate coverage, Colonial Penn will likely disappoint. Give us a call instead, and we can swiftly qualify you and connect you with an A/A+ carrier within minutes.

We won't have a spokesperson dictating what's best for you; rather, we'll provide clear reasons why it is.

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