Is Life Insurance For Schizophrenics Really Worth It? [Guide]

Is Life Insurance For Schizophrenics Really Worth It? [Guide]

September 26, 202310 min read


Schizophrenia is a complex and challenging mental illness that can significantly impact a person's ability to function in various aspects of their life. The condition affects how an individual thinks, behaves, and perceives reality, often making it difficult to maintain relationships, hold down a job, and even perform basic self-care tasks. Given the severity and chronic nature of schizophrenia, the question of whether life insurance is a worthwhile investment for those living with this disorder is a valid one.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the nuances of obtaining life insurance for individuals with schizophrenia, the potential challenges they may face, and the importance of exploring this option to provide financial security for their loved ones.


Burial Insurance for Schizophrenia Patients

One of the primary concerns for individuals with schizophrenia and their families is the need for burial or final expense insurance. This type of coverage can be particularly crucial for elderly schizophrenia patients, as it can help alleviate the financial burden on their loved ones in the event of their passing.

Contrary to what some may believe, individuals with schizophrenia can indeed purchase burial or final expense insurance. However, the process may not always be straightforward, and it's essential to work with experienced insurance specialists who have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by those with mental health conditions.

"Can schizophrenics purchase life insurance? Did an insurance representative inform you that a person with schizophrenia has difficulty obtaining burial or final expense insurance?" If so, it's likely that you've been talking to the wrong insurance agent.

At, our team of seasoned burial and final expense insurance specialists have access to top-rated A+ insurance companies, making it a breeze to secure a simplified policy for individuals with schizophrenia. We can help you obtain an insurance policy with the lowest cost and immediate coverage on day one, ensuring that your loved ones are protected.

Can You Get Life Insurance with Schizophrenia?

Obtaining life insurance with schizophrenia can indeed be challenging, primarily due to the complexity of the condition. Insurance providers carefully assess the severity and stability of the individual's condition, their treatment history, and their overall health when determining eligibility and premiums.

Those with well-managed symptoms, consistent treatment, and overall stability in their condition may have a better chance of securing life insurance coverage. However, it's important to note that premiums for individuals with schizophrenia are often higher, and the coverage may be limited or come with exclusions related to the condition.

To increase the chances of securing a suitable life insurance policy, it's crucial to be honest about your medical history, work with experienced insurance agents who specialize in pre-existing mental health conditions, and shop around to compare multiple quotes. This approach can help you find the most appropriate coverage that addresses your specific needs and circumstances.


Best Life Insurance for Schizophrenics

When searching for life insurance as someone with schizophrenia or other mental illnesses, it's essential to consider insurers that specialize in providing coverage for individuals with pre-existing mental health conditions. Some of the insurance companies that often offer coverage based on condition management and individual circumstances include Prudential, AIG, Mutual of Omaha, Guardian Life, and New York Life.

These companies understand the unique challenges faced by those with schizophrenia and are typically more willing to work with them to find suitable coverage. It's important to note that premiums for such policies tend to be higher, making it crucial to work with experienced agents, disclose your medical history truthfully, and compare multiple quotes to secure the most suitable coverage.

Insurance Company Issues with Schizophrenia and Other Mental Illnesses

When it comes to life insurance for individuals with schizophrenia or other mental illnesses, insurance companies may face several challenges and concerns:

Severity and stability of the condition: Insurers will closely examine the severity and stability of the individual's schizophrenia. They want to assess the level of control over the symptoms, the consistency of treatment, and the overall prognosis.

Treatment history and adherence: Insurance providers will scrutinize the individual's treatment history, including hospitalizations, medication compliance, and participation in therapy or support programs. This information helps them evaluate the risk associated with the condition.

Overall health and comorbidities: Insurers will consider the individual's overall health, including any comorbidities or additional health conditions that may be present, as these can impact the risk profile.

Potential for hospitalization or relapse: The risk of hospitalization or sudden relapse is a significant concern for insurers, as it can lead to increased claims and payouts.

Difficulty in risk assessment: Accurately assessing the risk associated with schizophrenia can be challenging for insurers, as the condition can present differently in each individual and may have unpredictable progression.

Regulatory requirements and compliance: Insurance companies must navigate various regulatory requirements and compliance issues when underwriting policies for individuals with mental health conditions, which can add complexity to the process.

To address these challenges, insurers often rely on experienced underwriters, detailed medical assessments, and specialized underwriting guidelines to evaluate each case individually and determine the appropriate coverage and premiums.


Life Insurance for People with Mental Illness

When it comes to life insurance for individuals with mental illness, including schizophrenia, there are a few key considerations:

Highest payment cost with a minimum of 24 months waiting time period: Some insurance providers may offer coverage with the highest premiums but a minimum 24-month waiting period before benefits are available. This approach helps the insurer manage risk and avoid fraudulent claims.

Long-term disability insurance with a minimum 24-month waiting period: Long-term disability insurance can be a cost-effective way to protect an individual's income during extended periods of disability, including those caused by mental health conditions. The premiums for such policies can vary depending on factors like age, health, and occupation, so it's crucial to consult with an insurance professional to find the right plan.

High payment cost with a PARTIAL waiting time period: Certain insurance policies, such as disability insurance or critical illness insurance, may have a higher payment cost but a shorter waiting or elimination period. This trade-off provides quicker access to benefits, but the premiums are typically higher to compensate for the increased risk.

Lowest payment costs with NO waiting time period: While policies with no waiting time periods are rare, it's important to carefully review the terms and conditions of any insurance policy you're considering. Most insurance products, including health, disability, and critical illness insurance, will include waiting or elimination periods to manage risk and avoid fraudulent claims.

It's essential to work with an experienced insurance professional who can help you navigate these nuances and find the coverage that best suits your needs and budget.

Mental Health Diagnosis and Life Insurance

When it comes to obtaining life insurance with a mental health diagnosis, such as schizophrenia, there are several important considerations:

Hospitalization for Schizophrenia: Some insurance companies may decline coverage or charge higher premiums if the individual has a history of hospitalization for schizophrenia or other mental illnesses. This is due to the increased risk associated with severe episodes or periods of instability.

Waiting Periods: Insurance providers may impose waiting periods, during which coverage is limited or denied, for individuals with a history of mental health hospitalizations or severe episodes. These waiting periods are designed to manage risk and ensure the stability of the condition.

Top-Rated Insurance Providers: By working with experienced Final Expense Insurance Specialists, such as those at, individuals with schizophrenia can access coverage from the nation's top-rated insurance providers. These specialists have the expertise to navigate the complexities of mental health conditions and secure the most suitable policies with the lowest costs and immediate coverage.

Importance of Transparency and Honesty: When applying for life insurance with a mental health condition, it is crucial to be upfront and honest about your medical history. Providing accurate information allows insurers to make informed decisions and offer coverage that is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Finding the Best Burial or Final Expense Insurance for Clients with Schizophrenia

At, our team of highly regarded and skilled Final Expense Insurance Specialists is dedicated to helping individuals with schizophrenia and other mental health conditions obtain the best possible burial or final expense insurance coverage.

With over 26 years of experience in the insurance industry and accreditation in 49 states, we have the expertise to guide you through the process and ensure you access the top-notch products from A+-rated insurance providers. These providers offer cutting-edge features and benefits at no additional cost, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Our simple approach involves a straightforward, stress-free interview process where we ask crucial questions about your past health and current mental health status. This information allows us to match you with the most suitable insurance options from our network of top-rated providers, ensuring you receive the coverage you need at the lowest possible cost.

By working with, you can rest assured that you'll receive the personalized attention and support you deserve. Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible experience and helping you secure the burial or final expense insurance coverage that meets your unique needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is life insurance available to people with bipolar disorder?

  • Life insurance is available to individuals with bipolar disorder, but the eligibility and premiums will depend on the management and stability of the condition, as well as the individual's treatment history. It's essential to work with an experienced insurance agent who can provide personalized guidance based on your specific circumstances.

Are anxiety-related life insurance policies denied?

  • Anxiety-related life insurance policies are not automatically denied, but the approval process depends on various factors. Mild to moderate anxiety, well-managed with treatment, may not pose a significant obstacle. However, severe anxiety or a history of hospitalizations due to anxiety may lead to higher premiums, exclusions, or potential denials. Each case is evaluated individually, so collaborating with an experienced insurance agent can help you find suitable coverage.

How do insurance companies know if you have a pre-existing condition?

  • Insurance companies determine pre-existing conditions through detailed medical questionnaires, access to medical records (with your permission), medical examinations, prescription database checks, MIB reports, and applicant interviews. Honesty and accuracy when disclosing your medical history during the application process are crucial to ensure fair underwriting and appropriate coverage terms.

What makes you ineligible for life insurance?

  • Factors that can make an individual ineligible for life insurance include terminal illnesses, severe health conditions, substance abuse, high-risk occupations or hobbies, dangerous lifestyle choices, non-disclosure of information, criminal history, foreign residency, financial insurability issues, or age restrictions. While these factors may lead to ineligibility, in some cases, individuals may still find coverage with adjusted terms, including higher premiums or limitations. Consulting an experienced insurance professional is advisable to explore available options.


The decision to obtain life insurance for individuals with schizophrenia is a complex one that requires careful consideration of various factors. While securing coverage can be challenging and may come with higher premiums, life insurance can still be a worthwhile investment for many.

By providing financial protection for their loved ones in the event of their passing, life insurance can offer valuable peace of mind and security. To make an informed decision, it's essential to work with experienced insurance agents or brokers who specialize in pre-existing mental health conditions.

These professionals can help individuals with schizophrenia navigate the complexities of the insurance market, find suitable coverage that addresses their specific needs and circumstances, and ensure they have the financial safeguards in place to support their families in the future.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue life insurance as a person living with schizophrenia is a personal one, but with the right guidance and support, it can be a valuable investment that provides a sense of security and protection for both the policyholder and their loved ones.

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