How To Get Burial Insurance With Multiple Sclerosis In 2023

Securing Burial Insurance Despite Multiple Sclerosis

September 26, 20239 min read


Upon receiving a diagnosis of MS and facing its challenges, your initial instinct might lean towards survival mode. It's natural to feel the urge to take every precaution to safeguard against even the slightest possibility of adversity.

However, like any new diagnosis, MS can heighten existing anxieties about mortality and the time you have left. Yet, this doesn't mean you have to cease enjoying life or indefinitely postpone your plans.

Purchasing burial insurance may not be on your mind at the moment, but it's a vital consideration for anyone planning for retirement or concerned about their loved ones' well-being after they're gone.

While some may assume that obtaining burial insurance would be challenging or excessively costly due to their illness, there are actually affordable options available for individuals with MS.

What Does Burial Insurance Mean for Those with Multiple Sclerosis?

When someone passes away, they often leave behind a significant financial burden. Burial insurance, also referred to as funeral or final expense insurance, offers a solution to ease this burden. It's designed for the elderly and others who wish to spare their loved ones the financial strain of covering their funeral expenses. However, the chronic nature of multiple sclerosis (MS) can make it challenging for individuals to qualify for standard life insurance policies. For those unable to pass a medical exam due to a preexisting condition like MS, simplified issue burial insurance may be an alternative. These policies typically come at a higher cost due to their limited coverage. If individuals with MS are unable to afford or access burial insurance, they must carefully consider alternative options for financing their final expenses.

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis:

Distinguishing itself from metastatic cancer symptoms, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic condition where the immune system attacks the protective myelin sheath surrounding nerve cells, leading to various symptoms affecting vision, strength, sensation, and mobility.

These symptoms may include:

  • Fatigue: Fatigue is among the most common signs of MS, often impacting daily activities such as commuting, working, or socializing.

  • Difficulty walking or muscle weakness: Some individuals with MS experience difficulty walking, relying on aids like wheelchairs or canes. Muscle weakness affecting the arms or legs can also occur.

  • Tingling or numbness in extremities: MS may cause numbness or tingling in the hands, feet, legs, or arms, impacting balance and coordination during activities like walking, driving, or typing.

  • Coordination and balance issues: MS can lead to challenges in standing up from a seated position without assistance (postural instability) or navigating uneven terrain (ataxia).


What Does Burial Insurance Cover for Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis?

Funeral Expenses: This coverage can aid in covering all expenses related to arranging the final farewell for your loved one, including burial or cremation costs, floral arrangements, obituaries, and more.

Medical Bills and Outstanding Debt: This coverage can help settle any outstanding debts your loved one may have accrued, such as credit card balances or mortgage payments.

Lost Wages: If your loved one was the primary earner for your family, this coverage may help replace their lost income, enabling you to continue supporting yourself and your family.

Living Expenses: If your loved one was the primary provider for the household, this coverage may assist with essential living expenses like rent or mortgage payments, utilities, groceries, and more.

Childcare Costs: If your loved one was responsible for caring for the children in your household, this coverage may provide assistance with childcare expenses.

Top Insurance Policy Options for Multiple Sclerosis

Your eligibility for insurance plans as an MS patient hinges on your health status and the timing of your diagnosis and treatment.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Over 2 Years

If your MS diagnosis and last treatment occurred more than 24 months ago, you qualify for a level death benefit plan with first-day coverage. With our plan, there's no waiting period, ensuring immediate full coverage. Upon your passing, 100% of the death benefit will be provided to your beneficiaries.

A level death benefit plan with first-day coverage is the ideal choice, ensuring your family receives financial assistance after your passing.

Diagnosis and Treatment Within the Past Two Years

Most companies would typically decline coverage for burial insurance if you were diagnosed with MS within the previous 24 months due to the unpredictability of the illness.

According to insurance experts, the best insurance option for you and your loved ones is a policy with first-day benefits, ensuring coverage begins immediately upon diagnosis, with the death benefit paid over time.

Other Factors Affecting Eligibility

Home Health Care:

Requiring home health care implies needing assistance with daily tasks. This aspect should be discussed during interviews for your final expense policy.

Purchasing a two-year waiting period insurance can facilitate obtaining long-term health coverage if necessary. Opting for assured approval ensures your application is always accepted without the risk of rejection, making it the preferred choice for assured issue funeral insurance.

Assistance with Daily Activities:

Life insurance companies evaluate applicants differently if they require help with daily tasks such as eating, bathing, using the restroom, dressing, transferring, and maintaining continence.

Each burial insurance provider will inquire about your need for assistance with daily activities, and many won't approve initial coverage applications if assistance is required.

If other options are unavailable, consider guaranteed issue or guaranteed acceptance coverage, especially if seeking burial insurance after age 70. These policies cater to individuals whose medical conditions preclude coverage by other insurance types, offering the sole choice without examining medical history.

While guaranteed issue burial insurance may cost slightly more than policies with fixed death benefits, it provides immediate coverage. If the insured passes away during the waiting period, beneficiaries are entitled to a refund of all premiums paid, plus interest.


Do I Require a Medical Test for Burial Insurance with Multiple Sclerosis?

Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis can secure burial insurance without undergoing a medical examination. When applying for funeral insurance, providing basic health details suffices.

No medical records, urine, or blood tests are necessary during the insurance application process. Typically, formal approval is granted within minutes!

Burial Insurance Underwriting with Multiple Sclerosis

If you have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), concerns about potential incapacitation may arise. However, burial insurance could serve as a viable option if you are in good health.

Burial insurance covers funeral expenses entirely, often chosen by those who have sufficient savings for funeral costs but seek additional reassurance against unforeseen circumstances.

Burial insurance companies assess your risk level through underwriting. This process may involve answering health-related questions or an electronic review of your prescription history to determine eligibility for coverage.

“Health-related” questionnaire

Burial insurance, a type of life insurance accessible without a medical exam, is offered by organizations providing this specific policy for MS patients.

Common inquiries in health-related questionnaires regarding MS include:

  • Have you ever been diagnosed or treated for multiple sclerosis?

  • "Have you received treatment or been advised to seek treatment for multiple sclerosis within the past two years?"

Do you have a history of musculoskeletal or neurological conditions?

Honesty is crucial when responding to questions related to your MS diagnosis or treatment.

Prescription History Check

To qualify for coverage related to your condition, you must be actively taking at least one prescribed medication for MS, administered by a licensed physician.

Furthermore, your physician must have prescribed the medication as part of your ongoing treatment regimen and provided regular updates on your progress.

You may also need to provide medical records from your healthcare provider confirming your MS diagnosis and ongoing treatment as required.

Common Medications for Multiple Sclerosis

  • Aubagio

  • Copaxone

  • Betaseron

  • Gilenya

  • Avonex

  • Extavia

  • Novantrone

  • Rebif

  • Tysabri

  • Tecfidera


Advantages of Burial Insurance for Multiple Sclerosis

Benefits of having burial insurance for multiple sclerosis include:

  • It provides assurance that your family will be looked after once you're gone, ensuring their financial security.

  • Burial insurance alleviates the burden on your family by covering any outstanding debts or medical expenses upon your passing.

  • You can leave behind a financial legacy for your loved ones, offering them peace of mind regarding their future.

  • Given the potential loss of up to 20 years in life expectancy due to multiple sclerosis, burial insurance can help cover funeral costs or even your children's future expenses, such as college tuition.

  • Benefits are paid directly to the chosen provider and can vary based on individual circumstances and selected insurance plans.

What Information is Required for Multiple Sclerosis?

Providing comprehensive information when applying for burial insurance with multiple sclerosis enables us to gain a clearer understanding of your health status. Inquiries regarding your MS history typically include:

  • When were you diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?

  • Do you have a specific type of multiple sclerosis?

  • What is your current management approach for MS?

  • Have you experienced any recent flare-ups or relapses?

  • What symptoms are you currently experiencing?

  • Do you anticipate any changes in your condition soon?

  • What medications do you take to manage your condition?

  • Are you employed or receiving disability benefits?

  • Do you require any mobility aids such as wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, braces, or canes?

This information helps us provide you with the most accurate quotation and coverage.

Finding the Best Burial Insurance with Multiple Sclerosis

Navigating burial insurance with Multiple Sclerosis requires careful consideration of several factors. Here are some tips for selecting the most suitable burial insurance policy:

Compare prices from multiple insurance providers specializing in burial insurance for individuals with pre-existing conditions like Multiple Sclerosis.

Collaborate with an independent insurance agent who can guide you through your options and ensure you obtain adequate coverage at an affordable price. They understand the nuances of insurance policies and can help you navigate any eligibility requirements related to pre-existing conditions.

Ensure the selected insurance policy offers a death benefit that sufficiently covers your final expenses, including burial costs, medical bills, and outstanding debts.

Thoroughly review the policy to understand its coverage. Some policies only provide benefits for death from natural causes, while others may also cover fatal accidents.

If you have any concerns or need assistance in finding the right policy for your needs, reach out to an independent insurance agent promptly for personalized guidance.

Final Thought

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic illness affecting the central nervous system, often leading to impairments in speech, balance, vision, coordination, and muscle control. Burial insurance for multiple sclerosis covers funeral expenses for patients who have coverage before their passing.

Navigating the process of finding a burial insurance policy for multiple sclerosis doesn't have to be daunting. Funeral Funds can simplify and expedite the process for you. Working with an independent company like streamlines the process, ensuring you find the right policy without unnecessary hassle.

Avoid the frustration of searching for insurance on your own by partnering with an impartial organization like ours. We're dedicated to helping you find the perfect policy for your needs and financial circumstances. Throughout the process, we'll work closely with you to maximize your coverage and ease any concerns.

We collaborate with top-notch insurance companies specializing in coverage for high-risk consumers like yourself. Our goal is to find burial insurance providers offering the most affordable premiums, ensuring you get the coverage you deserve.

Affordable burial insurance for people with multiple sclerosis
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