Burial Insurance With Systemic Lupus and With SLE: A Complete Guide

Complete Guide to Burial Insurance with Systemic Lupus and SLE

September 26, 20239 min read


Living with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), commonly known as lupus, presents significant challenges. Its unpredictable and often painful flare-ups, along with daily hurdles, make managing the condition both physically and socially demanding.

Moreover, the financial burden of managing lupus can be substantial. Therefore, it's advisable for lupus patients to consider obtaining burial insurance plans promptly.

However, the availability of insurance policies tailored to lupus patients may be limited, especially when considering the need for affordable premiums alongside potential future payouts.

Nevertheless, with the right guidance, there are still viable options to explore. Continue reading to discover more about systemic lupus insurance, why securing coverage is important, and where to find information on some of the best available offers online.

Understanding Burial Insurance With Systemic Lupus

Burial insurance with systemic lupus, also referred to as final expense insurance, is a specialized life insurance policy crafted to assist individuals with lupus in covering their funeral and burial costs. Lupus, a chronic autoimmune ailment, often poses challenges for individuals seeking traditional life insurance due to perceived health risks. Burial insurance typically offers smaller coverage amounts, enhancing accessibility for lupus patients without extensive medical underwriting.

These policies are commonly guaranteed issue, waiving the need for a medical exam or detailed health inquiries. They accept applicants irrespective of lupus diagnosis, age, or other pre-existing conditions. Premiums may be higher than traditional policies due to the guaranteed acceptance feature and smaller payout. Nonetheless, burial insurance grants reassurance to those with systemic lupus, ensuring their loved ones won't bear the financial weight of their final arrangements.

Symptoms of SLE include:

The most typical signs and symptoms of SLE include:

Joint swelling and pain: Lupus patients often experience pain, stiffness, and swelling in joints like the knee, hip, or shoulder, particularly in the morning.

Skin rash: A characteristic rash, called a "butterfly" or malar rash, appears on the face, covering the cheeks and nose.

Fever: Fever is common among lupus patients and may indicate an underlying infection or another condition.

Extreme fatigue: Severe fatigue is one of the most prevalent and debilitating symptoms of lupus.

Headaches: Lupus sufferers frequently experience headaches ranging from mild to severe.

Other less common symptoms of SLE include:

Anemia: Anemia occurs when the body lacks enough red blood cells to adequately supply oxygen to tissues.

Mouth ulcers: Open sores that develop in the mouth are known as mouth ulcers.

Permanent hair loss: Some lupus patients experience hair loss that does not regrow.

Raynaud’s phenomenon: Raynaud's phenomenon causes blood vessels to constrict, leading to cold and numb hands and feet.


Why Consider Burial Insurance With Systemic Lupus and SLE?

Individuals managing Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) might find a burial insurance policy beneficial for several reasons:

Health Challenges: SLE presents various health complications, making it challenging to secure traditional life insurance. Burial insurance, often guaranteed issue, provides an alternative for those facing difficulties in obtaining coverage due to perceived higher risks associated with the condition.

Covering Final Expenses: A burial insurance policy is tailored to cover funeral and burial costs. Without this coverage, the financial burden of these expenses could fall on family members, adding stress during an already challenging time. Burial insurance ensures these costs are covered, alleviating loved ones from financial responsibilities.

Peace of Mind: Having a burial insurance policy offers individuals with SLE peace of mind. It guarantees coverage for end-of-life expenses, enabling them to plan for a dignified farewell without concerns about financial implications.

Best Insurance Policy Option with a History of Systemic Lupus?

Treatment and diagnosis began more than 24 months ago.

If you've had Systemic Lupus (SLE) treatment and diagnosis for over 24 months, obtaining insurance may still pose challenges. Recent diagnoses could limit traditional life insurance options or result in higher premiums. In such situations, guaranteed issue or burial insurance can offer accessible alternatives to ensure your end-of-life expenses are covered, even with a recent SLE diagnosis. These policies typically don't require a medical exam and can provide financial relief for your loved ones in the event of your passing. Be sure to compare options carefully and consult with an insurance professional to find the most suitable coverage for your needs and circumstances.

Diagnosis and Treatment Within 24 Months

If you were diagnosed and treated for Systemic Lupus (SLE) within the last 24 months, it's essential to understand that obtaining traditional life insurance might be difficult and costly due to the recent diagnosis. Insurance providers may view your condition as high-risk.

In such cases, you might consider guaranteed issue or burial insurance. These policies typically don't require a medical exam and are tailored to accept applicants with pre-existing conditions, including recent SLE diagnoses. Although they often come with higher premiums and lower coverage amounts, they can still offer financial relief for your loved ones by covering funeral and burial expenses in the event of your passing. Consulting with an insurance professional can assist you in navigating these options and finding the best coverage for your specific circumstances.

Do I Require a Medical Test for Systemic Lupus and SLE Burial Insurance?

Typically, burial insurance for Systemic Lupus (SLE) doesn't mandate a medical test. It's crafted for easy accessibility, welcoming applicants irrespective of their health condition, rendering it suitable for those with SLE.

Yet, it's crucial to note that premiums may be relatively elevated, and there could be waiting periods before full coverage activates. Prioritize comparing policy terms diligently before reaching a decision

Burial Insurance Underwriting for Systemic Lupus and SLE

Burial insurance underwriting for Systemic Lupus (SLE) patients is generally relaxed, often omitting medical exams or extensive health evaluations. This accessibility proves advantageous for SLE individuals, offering financial reassurance.

However, it's essential to scrutinize policy terms, such as premiums and waiting periods, as burial insurance frequently entails higher costs compared to the coverage provided and might entail restrictions on when the full benefit is accessible.

Health Concern:

Insurance providers typically do not impose a timeframe on coverage for Systemic Lupus, as it is a lifelong condition without a cure.

While some insurers may inquire about lupus in their questions, most do not specify a timeframe. Here are common inquiries insurance companies may make regarding lupus:

  • Have you ever been diagnosed with or treated for systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)?

  • Have you received a diagnosis or treatment for systemic lupus within the past two years?

  • Do you take any medications for SLE? If so, please provide details of all medications and their recommended daily dosages.

Prescription History Check:

Insurers often review prescription histories to assess risk. Lupus is treated with various medications, some of which may raise concerns due to their effectiveness or potential side effects.

Here are typical medications insurers may scrutinize:

  • Azasan

  • Benlysta

  • Azathioprine

  • Cytoxan

  • Chloroquine

  • Hydroxychloroquine

  • Hydrocortisone

  • Methylprednisolone

  • Imuran

  • Prednisone

These medications, if flagged, could lead to misconceptions about your health status. However, many of these drugs are used for treating other conditions as well.

Ultimately, if you apply to a lupus-friendly company, they are unlikely to discriminate against you based on your illness.


What are the benefits of purchasing a BestBurialPolicy.com policy with Systemic Lupus?

  • Funeral Service Plan, Burial Policy, Life Insurance Plan, and Annuity Plan are just a few of the affordable coverage alternatives provided by InsuranceForBurial.

  • Whether you need $1500 in coverage or $5 million in protection, you may pick the level of protection that best suits your needs!

  • As long as you make on-time annual premium payments, your policy will be assured to renew, preventing premium increases. As a result, budgeting for these costs in the future is made simpler for you because you are aware of the exact monthly cost of your insurance.

  • Additionally, since there is no medical underwriting, having pre-existing disorders like SLE or other illnesses would not prevent you from being eligible for this plan.

What Information Do We Need If You Have Systemic Lupus and With SLE?

When applying for insurance, including burial or life insurance, and you have Systemic Lupus (SLE), you will typically need to provide the following information:

  • Medical History: Be prepared to provide details about your SLE diagnosis, including the date of diagnosis, treatments received, and medications prescribed. You may also need to disclose any related health complications or hospitalizations.

  • Current Health Status: Insurance providers may inquire about your current health status, including any changes in your SLE condition, recent medical visits, or hospitalizations. Honesty and transparency about your health are crucial.

  • Medications: List all the medications you are currently taking to manage your SLE. Include the names of the medications, dosages, and how often you take them.

  • Physician Information: Provide the names and contact information of your treating physicians or specialists who are managing your SLE. Insurance providers may contact them for additional medical information.

  • Lifestyle and Activities: Some insurers may ask about your daily activities, lifestyle choices, and any factors that may impact your health. This information helps them assess your overall risk.

  • Financial Information: Be prepared to share your financial details, such as your income, assets, and any existing insurance policies. This information helps insurers determine the appropriate coverage and premiums.

How To Find The Best Burial Insurance With Systemic Lupus and SLE?

When seeking burial insurance with Systemic Lupus (SLE), thorough research is essential. Begin by assessing your financial needs and health status. Look for specialized insurers with a strong reputation.

Next, compare policy quotes from multiple providers, focusing on premiums, coverage limits, and waiting periods. Understand policy terms, especially those related to SLE.

Consulting with a professional who specializes in assisting individuals with pre-existing conditions can be invaluable for guidance and policy selection.

Lastly, maintain honesty in your application, disclosing accurate medical information. Choose a policy that aligns with your budget and needs while providing financial security for your loved ones.

Final Thought

Securing burial insurance for individuals with Systemic Lupus (SLE) requires careful consideration and research. It's essential to assess your financial needs, explore policy options, and consult with experts if necessary. While obtaining coverage may be more accessible due to minimal medical underwriting, individuals with SLE should ensure policy terms align with their specific circumstances. Honesty in disclosing medical information is crucial, and maintaining detailed records can facilitate a smooth claims process. Ultimately, finding the right burial insurance offers peace of mind, ensuring that end-of-life expenses are covered and providing financial security for loved ones.

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