Burial insurance with cirrhosis of the liver and liver disease poses unique challenges, yet it remains feasible.

September 27, 20238 min read


Because liver cirrhosis can significantly impact life expectancy, it's vital for individuals with this condition to secure burial insurance.

Unfortunately, many people realize the need for coverage too late, leading to inadequate planning and costly funerals. Are you struggling to obtain burial insurance due to liver cirrhosis? Don't worry, give us a call. Can you ensure your loved ones' security?

InsuranceForBurial is known to offer competitive rates, specializing in high-risk life insurance.

In this post, we'll discuss how insurance companies assess applicants with cirrhosis and explore coverage options for those with a history of liver cirrhosis and liver disease.

Finally, we'll share tips on finding the ideal burial insurance plan to meet your needs.

Burial Insurance for individuals with liver cirrhosis: Burial Insurance for those with liver disease

Your burial insurance coverage remains intact despite having liver disease, as it's crucial to disclose this information to the insurer. While it's not obligatory, the insurer might adjust your premiums or cancel your coverage.

If you have liver cirrhosis, expect higher burial insurance premiums due to potential lifespan limitations. Even with a five-year survival, premiums remain elevated compared to those without this condition, akin to kidney disease underwriting guidelines.

It's essential to note that insurers retain the right to cancel burial insurance policies at their discretion. Familiarize yourself with the policy's terms and conditions before purchase, as they determine potential policy termination upon your demise during the term or before its conclusion.


Best Insurance Policy Option If You Have a History Of Cirrhosis Of The Liver

When applying for burial insurance with cirrhosis, you'll encounter various coverage options. It's essential to consider all your health conditions when making a decision. Despite having liver cirrhosis, you may still have access to multiple coverage options.

"Immediate Full Protection" Policy Plan Option:

This is undoubtedly the optimal choice for individuals with liver cirrhosis seeking to secure burial insurance.

It signifies that irrespective of your medical condition, you can always acquire comprehensive coverage for your funeral costs throughout your lifetime.

However, you will usually have to pay a higher premium compared to someone without a chronic illness or any other pre-existing conditions.

Most burial insurance providers won't grant you the full death benefit immediately, but there is typically no waiting period.

“Graded” Policy Plan Option

If you selected this option, it indicates that despite having liver cirrhosis, you still had some health issues that affected your eligibility for burial insurance.

Under this plan, you would receive coverage for the first two years of your policy ownership, albeit at a reduced rate compared to someone in good health without pre-existing conditions. If you were to pass away within the first year, the policy would pay out a minimum of 30%–40% of the death benefit. Within the first two years, you would receive reimbursement for up to 70-80% of the death benefit if you were to pass away.

“Modified” Policy Plan Option

If you're diagnosed with cirrhosis, you may still qualify for burial insurance, but there are some restrictions to consider. One of them is that benefits under your insurance won't start to be paid out until the third year of coverage. If you pass away within the first two years after acquiring your plan, the insurer won't pay anything towards your funeral fees or any other related expenses.

Get Declined Altogether

Another scenario is that your medical condition could result in your application being outright rejected by your provider. In such cases, before buying life insurance with cirrhosis as a pre-existing condition, it's advisable to check with multiple carriers. By doing so, you can compare rates and find the best offer on burial insurance for individuals with liver disease.


Is a medical examination required to qualify for burial insurance with cirrhosis and liver disease?

Burial insurance might necessitate a medical examination or detailed health inquiries, especially if you have cirrhosis or liver disease. Designed to cover funeral expenses, burial insurance is typically easier to obtain than traditional life insurance. Your premiums and eligibility may be influenced by medical exam results or health history details you provide. Some providers offer guaranteed issue burial insurance, which requires no health exam or health history questions. However, certain policies may have a waiting period for preexisting conditions' death benefits.

To secure the best burial insurance deal, honesty about your health history is key. Obtain quotes from various providers and consider consulting with a specialized insurance agent. Eligibility and terms can vary significantly among insurers, so thorough policy review is essential.

Burial Insurance Underwriting With Cirrhosis And Liver Disease

When considering your eligibility for a policy, insurance companies typically assess factors related to liver health, including cirrhosis and liver disease.

During the application process, insurers often inquire about your overall health to gain insights into your well-being. Common questions pertaining to liver cirrhosis include:

  • Have you received a diagnosis of liver disease, chronic hepatitis, or cirrhosis of the liver previously?

  • Are you currently managing any other medical conditions?

  • How long have you been dealing with your current health condition?

  • Have you been diagnosed with cirrhosis or liver disease within the past two years?

  • Do you know the underlying cause of your condition?

It's worth noting that some insurers may use alternative terminology in their health inquiries rather than explicitly mentioning cirrhosis.


Alternatively, they may pose a broader question such as, "Have you ever been diagnosed with or treated for a liver disease or condition?"

Since cirrhosis falls under the category of liver conditions, it's essential to answer "yes" if you have it.

Live Disease:

If you have liver disease, you may still qualify for burial insurance even if you have liver cirrhosis.

Whether you've been diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), or cirrhosis, you can potentially purchase burial insurance.

Liver Transplant

Most insurers will inquire about transplants in their health questionnaire using a question such as:

  • Have you ever undergone a liver transplant?

If you have undergone a liver transplant, you are likely to be declined for burial insurance with liver cirrhosis.

Most insurance companies perceive patients who undergo transplants as being at a significantly higher risk for complications from their underlying condition than others, reducing the likelihood of payout if something were to happen to them.

  • Are you a candidate for a liver transplant?

If so, you may need to disclose having Hepatitis C and a serious liver ailment.

Your insurance might offer coverage at standard rates if you do not have hepatitis C and your liver disease does not necessitate a transplant.

Some insurance companies may refuse coverage if you have Hepatitis C and a serious liver ailment.

Others may offer only limited coverage, excluding any illnesses related to your liver ailment or Hepatitis C treatment (which means no coverage for any other medical needs).

Alternatively, other insurers may offer full coverage but at higher-than-average rates.


Benefits of Burial Insurance

There are many benefits of having burial insurance if you have cirrhosis or liver disease. Some of the most important benefits include:

There are numerous advantages to having burial insurance if you have cirrhosis or liver disease. Some of the most significant benefits include:

  • Peace of mind: Having a plan for final arrangements alleviates additional stress for your loved ones, who would otherwise have to make decisions during a challenging period.

  • Financial security: Funeral and burial expenses can be substantial, and it's crucial for your loved ones not to worry about this expense while they are already grieving.

  • Coverage for all disease stages: Many burial insurance policies continue to provide coverage even if you reach end-stage liver disease, underscoring the importance of obtaining coverage as soon as possible.

  • Debt avoidance: If you pass away before paying off a loan or mortgage, your family may be responsible for settling the remaining debt. However, with a burial insurance policy in place, your family can sidestep the burden of repaying any outstanding loans you may have had at the time of your passing.

Discovering optimal burial insurance while managing cirrhosis and liver disease can be a daunting task.

Below are key attributes to seek in an insurance plan and the provider catering to applicants with cirrhosis and liver disease:

  • Acceptance Assurance: The insurance company readily approves applicants with cirrhosis and liver disease.

  • Maximized Benefits: Opt for a policy delivering the highest benefit payout, ensuring immediate protection at a remarkably affordable monthly rate.

  • Tailored Coverage: Unlike cash options through hospitals or senior living facilities, an insurance plan allows customization while ensuring immediate care coverage.

In your quest for burial coverage amid cirrhosis or liver disease, prioritize agencies embodying the following traits:

  • Expertise and Empathy: Partner with an insurance agent proficient in burial and final expense insurance, driven by genuine care for your needs, not just any insurance company.

  • Independence: Opt for an agency capable of accessing multiple insurance providers to secure the most competitive prices.

  • Quality Assurance: Ensure the agency exclusively offers policies from top-rated insurance companies with a proven history of fulfilling their obligations.


Final Thought

As an independent insurance provider, BestBurialPolicy.com embodies these traits, ensuring coverage benefits even for individuals with liver disease and cirrhosis.

For those struggling to secure burial insurance, BurialForInsurance offers a solution. We firmly believe everyone deserves peace of mind in their final days.

We take pride in aiding individuals with cirrhosis and liver ailments to access the best burial insurance plans, boasting competitive rates and immediate coverage.

At our company, our experienced Final Expense Insurance Specialists have access to top-rated A+ insurance providers, exclusively offering comprehensive coverage and valuable additional benefits at no extra cost.

Irrespective of health status, our mission is to assist clients in obtaining the finest burial or final expense insurance coverage available. Simply provide us with your information!

We aim to simplify the process for you, offering affordable solutions tailored to your needs.

Planning for the future can be daunting, but purchasing a burial insurance policy can ease the burden on your loved ones.

With burial insurance, you can allocate funds for funeral expenses, ensuring peace of mind for your family.

To obtain a quote and discover a cost-effective plan that suits your requirements, submit an online application today.


Burial coverage with liver disease
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