Guide To Best Funeral Insurance For Seniors

Guide To Best Funeral Insurance For Seniors

September 29, 202316 min read

Let's Clarify: Different Terms, Same Coverage

It's essential to understand that end-of-life insurance, cremation insurance, final expense insurance, and burial insurance for seniors all fall under the umbrella of simplified issue whole life insurance. While different terms may be used based on the marketing strategy of the insurance provider, the coverage they offer remains identical.

Now that we've clarified, you should have a clear understanding of which type of insurance covers funeral and burial costs.

Owning a seniors' funeral insurance policy is one of the most crucial steps you can take to protect your legacy. However, finding affordable funeral insurance is equally important.

Contrary to popular belief, this decision is not morbid but rather practical for anyone who wishes to ensure their final wishes are honored. In fact, final expense insurance is the ideal choice for seniors.

With the right coverage in place, you can design a ceremony or cremation service that reflects your life while having the peace of mind that you're adequately prepared.

We understand that seniors on fixed incomes with limited assets may find it challenging to secure high-quality insurance at affordable rates. However, we're here for you every step of the way, ready and willing to assist you every day!

We take pride in offering same-day approval without the need for a medical examination, eliminating any uncertainty about what will happen in the event of your passing.

Funeral Insurance For Seniors Questions Answered

Is purchasing funeral insurance worthwhile?

OH YES, it is! It's now simpler than ever to obtain senior funeral insurance. The majority of our customers receive coverage immediately and without a waiting time.

What distinguishes funeral insurance from life insurance?

Funeral insurance is life insurance; these compact whole life plans often provide coverage ranging from $1500 to $35,000. The finest providers, on the other hand, will provide coverage for anywhere between $40,000 and $100,000 right away.

What other option do you have to funeral insurance?

Yes, however this is the greatest choice if you want insurance that will pay out when the time comes.

Other options, including term life insurance, carry a high chance of you outliving the policy's term and losing all of your premium payments.

You could also purchase a pre-need plan, but keep in mind that funeral homes are businesses, so if you live a long time after purchasing one and account for inflation, your family may be able to make up the difference.

The best thing since sliced bread for safeguarding your family is immediate funeral insurance coverage!

Most importantly, what happens if your family is unable to pay for a funeral?

This is why getting life insurance for final expenses is so crucial! There will be emotional turmoil for your family.

In fact, considering that you'll need to come up with thousands of dollars right now is heartbreaking because most people don't have this lying around.

Typically, a family will incur debt as a result and repay it over time.

With funeral insurance, safeguard the future of your loved ones.

2023 Guide To Best Funeral Insurance For Seniors

What is Affordable Funeral Insurance For Seniors

What occurs if you are unable to pay for a funeral?

In other words, your family will suffer financially. This frequently happens when it is most financially inconvenient for them. It rains, and it pours, as we all know.

The majority of the time, your family incurs debt to carry out your dying desires if you don't put something in place.

Which funeral insurance for seniors is the best?

Let's face it, you want the least expensive funeral policy when you are seeking for final expenditures for seniors. In fact, you are on a limited income at this point in your life, therefore every dollar counts.

It is crucial to research funeral arrangements for people over 65. Funeral insurance for seniors or for your parents should not be a concern for your family when you die away.

Make sure the death benefit is guaranteed to never decrease and that the premium is level while searching for inexpensive funeral insurance. To find you the best choice, we compare dozens of carriers around the country.

Your personal profile will determine which carrier you are eligible for. The main determinants of this include age, health, and drugs.

Most importantly, Uncle Sam is not increasing your social security benefits. Therefore, finding affordable burial insurance for seniors from a reliable firm is essential.

We provide same-day funeral insurance that can be approved in less than 30 minutes and become active. In addition, we provide coverage starting on the first day; see our eligible health impairments list.

Seniors Funeral Insurance Costs For Ages 50-90

How can someone who has no money pay for a funeral?

Make sure the complete expense is covered while looking for inexpensive funeral insurance. Any financial load on the family will be lessened by this.

When our grandparents are living on a fixed income, it's common for their adult children or adult grandchildren to cover the expenses and take over as payers and beneficiaries of their insurance policies.

Above all, the senior's age and health will play a significant role in finding affordable funeral insurance. In fact, if you don't lock it in, the cost of funeral insurance for seniors will skyrocket owing to age.

Here is an illustration of senior life insurance rates broken down by age.

Realizing the advantages of these programmed is crucial.

  • Unconditional Death Benefit

  • Secure Level Premiums Increase Cash Value

Now that you know why it's crucial to start buying young, In general, this is something to keep in mind while shopping for funeral insurance for parents.

  • Burial Insurance from AIG (Guaranteed Acceptance)

  • Life Insurance from Gerber (Guaranteed Acceptance)

Prices for AIG and Gerber funeral insurance might be a little higher. Ask Us.

How can I choose which life insurance policy is the best one for me?

Senior life insurance is a specialty of

We will pinpoint the precise rate category that best fits your needs, allowing you to compare carriers and prices. We do this process over the phone in a flash. regardless of health, those who are 18 years or older

Specifically, up to age 90. (There is no funeral insurance for elders over 90)

Instant Approval Funeral Insurance Carriers

Your queries have been addressed!

Which providers of funeral insurance offer Same Day Instant Approval?

There are a lot of companies that offer senior funeral insurance.

Just a few A+ rated carriers are shown below. Remember that all of these funeral providers offer immediate approval! For final expense whole life plans, there are no exam life insurance firms as well.

  • Royal Arcanum

  • Mutual Of Omaha burial insurance

  • AETNA/CV Health Final Expense

  • Trinity/Family Benefit Life

  • American Amicable

Insurance for burial from Royal Arcanum Mutual of Omaha

Instant Acceptance Funeral Insurance for Seniors

Few health-related underwriting questions are also asked in order to get immediate coverage.

If you pass away, it is typically up to a family member or family members to pay for your funeral, your burial, and in some situations, your debt.

So, ask yourself if purchasing final expense insurance is worthwhile.

We both know the solution, I believe!

Whatever level of coverage you choose, this will assist in reducing the price of your loved one's burial.

Senior funeral insurance with no waiting period?

Offer a State-regulated programmed with fast, same-day approval for final expenses! For instance, Royal Neighbors of America, an A-rated carrier with member benefits included in the policy, would be one among your options if you were in generally good health.

Prescriptions, dental work, and vision care are all subject to discounts and savings, as are retail goods. As if that weren't enough, your insured family member also enjoys the same discounts and savings as you! Incredible, to put it mildly!

Funeral Insurance No Medical Exam

It's crucial to understand that these are basic issue policies when looking for affordable funeral insurance for senior citizens. The implication is that a few questions must be raised.

They will also inquire about the medications you are taking.

In general, you should buy funeral insurance as soon as you can. However, funeral insurance for people over 65 is still reasonably priced. For instance, the level benefit rate will make a senior plan life insurance policy with $30 000 in coverage quite inexpensive.

In the event that you have health difficulties, these life insurance rates will alter. The importance of doing this frequently and early is due to this.

Funeral Insurance No Health Questions

A guaranteed acceptance policy refers to senior funeral insurance that does not ask any health-related inquiries. These are occasionally known as GI. Despite being convenient, they are typically more expensive for seniors funeral coverage. An excellent choice while facing serious health difficulties.

These policies also have a 2-year period of increasing coverage. For instance, all premiums would be returned extra 10% if you passed away within the first two years of a disease.

Accidental death, however, will start paying out right away. Once more, if you are healthy, you want convenience. It can be your only option if you have a serious illness or a prior condition.

Burial Expense Insurance FAQs

Frequently asked inquiries

Does life insurance also cover funeral expenses?

​​​​​​​​​​​NO. They actually differ in a few ways. A burial policy is designed to cover your ultimate costs, including burial, cremation, funeral costs, flowers, services, etc. It is not a medical examination. The insurance coverage does not go over $40,000. Many providers of final expenditure insurance provide same-day immediate approval.

How much does senior burial insurance cost?

Funeral insurance rates vary depending on your age and medical history, just like life insurance. For a rough estimate, fill out the quote box on the left.

For a precise quote, we would still need to chat with you. There is no one size fits all policy. Nobody can be fit into a single mold.

Are there any concerns about health?

Yes, there will be some health-related underwriting issues for these benefit plans and burial insurance for seniors. This enables us to determine which carriers you are eligible for.

What is senior same-day instant approval funeral insurance?

The best thing since sliced bread, that is!

Following your qualification, you can select the best life insurance provider and quotations based on price. We call the insurance carrier and hold a conference. The Voice Signature Application is what this is.

The Email Signature Application is another thing we have. (For specifics, see below.) Your name, address, answers to a few underwriting questions, and other details are verified.

You will have an active policy by the time the call ends (often in less than 30 minutes).

What a fantastic thing!

Will I have to wait before getting approved?

Simply said, No! Same-day approval immediately. in a call that lasted 30 minutes. You can choose a starting date or an active policy.

Why Do Funeral Policies Have A Waiting Period

These would be for customers who have serious medical conditions like active cancer or heart surgery during the previous year.

Here are a few guaranteed-issue life insurance companies that don't require an exam or ask about your health.

Voice Signature VS Email Signature Application Process

Voice Signature Application: What is it?

Your independent agent first determines your eligibility for several same-day instant approved carriers.

Second, you'll be asked a handful of underwriting-related questions. Address, full name, birthdate, health/medical inquiries, etc. are a few examples.

Third, your agent will have a meeting with the carrier representative after you have qualified and compared your estimates.

You will get immediate life insurance at the conclusion of the call!

Application Process for Voice Signature and Email Signature

The representative will then confirm all of the details you discussed with your agent. The application is then voice-signed over the phone with the carrier by you!

How Fantastic is that?

No way can it get any better!

The Email Signature Application: What Is It?

However, you would receive your application by email to Docu-sign, much like the voice signature process.

Your application is signed and sent immediately to the carrier for processing with a few mouse clicks. Instant Same Day Approval! It's simple peasy to get senior burial insurance!

Funeral Insurance For Seniors Over 60

When you reach your sixties, securing funeral insurance becomes a significant consideration, especially if you're in good health and your children have already left the nest.

While term life insurance remains an option, it may not be the most suitable choice, especially if longevity runs in your family. Additionally, term insurance typically requires a medical checkup and can take weeks for approval, which may not be ideal for seniors.

Instead, funeral insurance, also known as final expense coverage, is often the preferred option. With same-day approval and coverage, funeral insurance provides peace of mind knowing that your final expenses will be covered without delay.

One of the key advantages of funeral insurance is that it offers guaranteed death benefits as long as you keep up with the premium payments, making it a reliable option for seniors. However, it's essential to note that premiums may increase as you age, reflecting changes in health and longevity.

To ensure you get the best quote and coverage, it's recommended to consult with an independent agent who can provide insight into various permanent life insurance policies tailored to your needs.

While these policies typically require a few health-related inquiries, they offer the convenience of same-day approval, making funeral insurance a convenient and reliable option for seniors over 60.

Funeral Insurance For Seniors Over 70

Are you over 70? How does rapid same-day acceptance, no medical exam life insurance for seniors over 70 work? The kind of policy is the same as what was previously covered.

Final Expense insurance helps seniors reach their objective of shielding their loved ones from financial hardships!

At this point in your life, you might have various health problems.

There is no waiting period for these same-day immediate approval life plans because no medical check is necessary.

You would actually want to purchase a burial/final expenditure policy right now.

You're older than 70.

Because of this, your monthly premiums will rise the longer you put off doing this and the longer you compare rates.

Keep in mind that you should reduce the amount of coverage you want to get in order to keep your premium payment reasonable.

Above all, your beneficiary receives the death benefit when you pass away. This sum of money is intended to help with funeral expenditures.

Life Insurance Burial Policy

Tip from

Plan for Funeral Insurance TIP: You want to buy a $20,000 policy on senior funeral insurance. With your impartial agent, you compare prices. If, for any reason, paying the premium is beyond your means. Reduce the amount of your insurance. WHY? SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING, after all.

In actuality, the carrier won't tell you this. We will guide you through every step of the procedure at from health inquiries to funeral prices to your quote for burial insurance.

Funeral Insurance For Seniors Over 80

Funeral Protection For Seniors Over Eighty

Which life insurance policy is the best for seniors over 80? Even so, is it possible? Permanent life insurance is completely accessible for anyone over 80 with same-day instant acceptance.

No physical examination is needed. Very little health-related underwriting inquiries.

Health issue? No issue! We recognize that the aged over 80 may be experiencing some health concerns at this time. Because of this, several life insurance firms give fast, same-day approval, regardless of your health. aware that funeral costs can be prohibitive. We comprehend that you don't want to leave your loved ones with the financial responsibility of paying for your burial. That's why you're here, right?

These life plans have the same-day immediate approval as term life insurance.

Whole life insurance policies are a simple topic. Keep your level throughout your entire life! Payments for premiums NEVER GO UP!

Your recipient receives the death benefit.

They can therefore afford to cover your burial expenses.

What is your next step…

The strongest argument is that we receive daily calls from clients who have the exact same issue! After having this policy marketed to them, they are now over 80 and have no burial insurance.

What do seniors over 80 do today, though?

In actuality, it's very possible that you will live longer than this policy.

Consider that!

If you currently have AARP, please call us right away.

We will save you a tone of money by comparing funeral insurance quotes from companies that offer same-day fast approval!

Burial Policy For Seniors

From a brief message

Have you called or gotten internet quotes for burial and last expense policies for funeral insurance? Frustrated? Do you need help getting started with a whole life policy without an exam?

Stop shopping and let us take care of the shopping.

In fact, we compare you to a number of same-day instant approval carriers during the course of a single phone call. You may be eligible for hundreds of benefit programs.

Additionally, Do you have a heart attack or any high-risk medical condition?

Inform us! You CAN rely on us!

Funeral Cover With No Waiting Period

Are you currently looking for senior funeral insurance? Call us right away to get free online funeral insurance rates.

We are eager to relieve your family and you of financial stress.

In conclusion, mental tranquilly.

Why does insurance frequently bring about mental calmness? Because we know that when we pass away, neither our children nor our children's children will have to worry about paying for our final farewell. Grief is difficult enough.

Senior burial insurance is a specialty of

Additionally, we are experts in all forms of health disability.

Do you hesitate to apply because you believe you might not be eligible because of a health issue or condition?

In this situation, it is extremely important that you call us for estimates of ultimate costs. There is no waiting period and we provide a large selection of final expense carriers (immediate approval burial carriers) for you to qualify for!

In fact, even if you are not eligible for level benefits, you are eligible for a Guaranteed Acceptance Policy.

Ask Us Right Now!


The elderly family members you care about might be well-protected with funeral insurance for seniors. Seniors may require the additional security that senior funeral insurance offers while they are in their 70s and 80s.

Before you sign on the dotted line, it's crucial to understand how much coverage will cost your elderly parents or grandparents if you're considering getting them this kind of policy.

So that you can stop worrying about what might happen if something occurred to one of our most vulnerable populations, get a quick quotation today.

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